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Thank you for showing interest in NBM. We are thrilled to have your content on our publication. We invite you to share your expertise and insights with our audience by submitting a guest post to our website.

We are always on the lookout for fresh perspectives and interesting ideas related to our areas of focus, which include technology, marketing, travel, Lifestyle, business, entertainment, and celebrity news. If you have a topic that you’re passionate about and would like to share with our readers, we would be thrilled to hear from you.

Submitting a guest post is easy. Simply send us your proposed topic and a brief summary of your article, along with a short bio and a link to your website or blog. We’ll review your submission and let you know if we think it’s a good fit for our website. If we do, we’ll work with you to edit and polish your post, and then publish it on our site.

Writing a guest post for our website is a great way to get exposure for your business or blog, and to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to connect with our audience and share your knowledge and expertise with a wider audience.

So if you want to write for us, shoot your proposal and we are ready to publish it on our publication. Before that, make sure you have eligible content related to these topics.

Topics to Write On:

Before you finally submit your content with us, make sure your content is related to below mentioned categories only.


We are passionate for technology. If you are looking for guest posts on technology, feel free to submit your content. We are interested in:

  1. How-to Articles that includes guides and how to articles on Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac or any other electronics, Operating system, apps, social media apps, etc.
  2. Gaming Related articles. Gaming specs, gaming PC, gaming peripherals, gaming laptops, gaming chairs, gaming desk, gaming room etc.
  3. Do you want us to publish a review article? We are super interested in app reviews, gadget reviews, website reviews, online tools reviews, Software reviews or any other reviews.
  4. We are also interested in tech categories like Augmented Reality or AR, Virtual Reality or VR, NFTs, Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or AI, Cloud Computing, Programming, Cyber Security.
  5. Digital Marketing, SEO, SEO tools, Web Hosting, WordPress Plugins, Themes, PPC, Social Media Marketing or SEM, Blogging, Youtube, e-mail marketing etc. are also eligible topics for guest post submission.

Business & Finance

We also publish stories around business and finance. Topics include Startup culture, investments, takeovers, new product launches, branding, sales, marketing, social media marketing, Instagram influencer marketing etc.. Apart from that, we are also interested in finance, tax management, loan, stock market, investments, insurance, Real Estate and similar topics. If you are into finance and business and wanted to advertise with us, come share your ideas and get published on NBM.

Travel & Lifestyle

Whether you’re looking to plan your next adventure or seeking inspiration for a healthier, happier lifestyle, there are endless opportunities to discover and explore. Send us Travel guides, hotel reviews, AirBnB reviews, hostel reviews, travel tips & tricks related guest posts for quick submissions. Write for us and you will get more exposure.

Apart from travel, we would also like to have guest posts on Personal development, mental health, mediation, stress management, goal management, Relationship, dating, parenting. Moving forward with Lifestyle, Interior Design, Home D├ęcor, DIY projects at home are also excite us.

Entertainment & Celebrity

Entertainment news, movie reviews, streaming platforms, Netflix, Prime Video, TV show news is another interesting category our readers want to read more on. If you want to write for us anything related to this or similar topics, you are more than welcome. Submit your posts and we will definitely consider it.

Celebrity news, celebrity gossips, celebrity fashion or anything related to celebrities is also welcome on NBM.

These are the main categories we are interested in. Apart from these categories, if you want to submit guest post in other categories, you can contact us. If that make sense to our editorial team, they might accept you guest post.

Requirements for Submitting Guest Post

Before you submit guest post on NBM, make sure you are fulfilling these basic requirements:

1. Guest post must be well researched, structured, plagiarism free, human generated, original content. AI written, copied content will not be taken into consideration. Here is how to write stuctured article for guest post submission.

2. There must be atleast 700 words with copyright free images and screenshots, if required. More the words, better are the chances of getting accepted.

3. You must have editorial rights before submitting guest post to us.

4. The content must be grammatically correct and it must meet the standards of NBM.

5. Interlink other articles published on our website for better reach, indexing and Google ranking.

These are some of the basic requirements that must be fulfilled if you seriously wanted to advertise with us. Any negligence in these requirements will reduce the chances of getting featured on NBM.

How to Submit Guest Post

If you are ready with your guest post and wanted to submit your guest post on NBM, here is how to do that.

1. Once you have drafted your guest post that is also fulfilling our requirements, send the Google Docs link or Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file to [email protected].

2. Use these keywords in the Subject for fast response. For better visibility in our inbox, you can also add category name in front of Subject line. A few examples are mentioned below

  • Guest Post Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Technology Write For Us
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  • real estate guest post
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  • places to visit guest post
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  • outdoor guest post
  • gaming guest post
  • boating guest post

These are a few examples to get ideas from. If you are not clear with your category, simply add ‘Submit guest post’, ‘guest post submission’, ‘Advertise with us’.

2. After that, you need to wait for atleast 24 hours. One of our NBM team member will review your guest post submission and respond you within 24 hours or earlier.

Guest Post, Advertise With Us Disclaimer

It is always better to inform before hand before any conflict happens. This is for all the contributors who wanted to submit guest post and advertise with us.

1. After your guest post is published, we have all the rights to edit, remove, make correction in the content.

2. We have all the rights to share the article on our social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

3. We will become the sole owner of your content and you cannot submit same guest post and content on any other website.